Customer service: 55 19 3886-4455


Customer service: 55 19 3886-4455




High performance in the production of packages in the "tube" format.

- Ideal for packaging of “ice candy”.

Illustrative photos of machinery and optional peripherals. Equipment and models subject to change and replacements without notice.



  • 304 stainless steel frame
  • Exclusive tilting front providing quick access to the packer's front components.
  • Exclusive Omega compartment that provides frontal protection = prevents direct operator exposure to package sealing /welding jaws
  • Jacketed filling tube suitable for water cooling = allows the packaging of hot products (62°C)
  • Models with 01, 02 or more heads
  • Production per head: up to 2500 packages/hour = 55 ml volume

Accessories and Optional Parts:

  • Photocell
  • Dater
  • Balance tank with mechanical float


Photos of Packages

Type of product to be packaged

Ice candy, Other liquid products, Other paste products

Product volume per package

40 to 110 ml

Package Formats

Package with a side sealing, Small tube, Big Tube, Stick, Package with diagonal cut, Package

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