Customer service: 55 19 3886-4455


Customer service: 55 19 3886-4455




A great solution for packaging liquid and paste products in flexible packages.

High production for packages with a volume of up to 12 liters

Packages (Bags) made from flexible thermoweldable film providing major savings compared with other types of containers (drums, pails, bottles, etc.).

Ideal for packaging several types of products for the institutional market, industrial, kitchens, schools, cafeterias, etc.


Illustrative photos of machinery and optional peripherals. Equipment and models subject to change and replacements without notice.


Accessories and Optional Parts

  • Chiller
  • Photocel
  • Dater
  • Conveyor
  • Metering Pump
  • Tank
Production (packages/hour) Até 700
Volumes 2000 to 6000ML
Film 90 microns
Water 100 L/H 25°C
Compressed Air (6BAR) 180L/MIN
Electricity 220 or 380 V - 60 Hz three-phase 2KW/H
Weight 300KG


Folheto Pex Bag - FrenteFolheto Pex Bag - Verso

Photos of Packages

Type of product to be packaged

Milk, Dairy drink / yogurt, Fruit pulp, Juice, Mayonnaise, Waterproofing, Water, Milk Sweet, Other liquid products, Other paste products

Product volume per package

1810 to 12000 ml

Package Formats

Package with a side sealing, Package with diagonal cut, BAG

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